Movement = Arrow Keys // Turbo = Left Shift

Next Dialog = V

Bits = I // Stats = O

Lazer = X // Missile = C // Combat Zoom = Z


A game made for the 2018 Low Rez Game Jam.

The year is 2254... What was the planet earth has been lost just 50 years after earths first contact with extraterrestrial life.A rogue terrorist group named I.S.I.S has destroyed it using a highly powerful explosive device that was launched into the earths sun. All that people know now is Conglomecorp, A large multi-species intergalactic corporation that has agreed to take in any and all refugees in exchange for a lifetime contract of work

Story / Writing / Game Design:
Matt "The Sassy Squatch" Vaughn

Game Design / Pixel Art : Liam

Programming / Music / Animations : Zack


This game is currently unavailable

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