Rumor of a rogue group of pirates uncovering a powerful artifact has been spreading all over the system with the ability to create a mirror of an object. You’ve been tasked to recover this item from them. That was the easy part, getting through the blockade of angry pirates is the hard part. Thankfully you have the power of the artifact on your side.



Game Design

Earthmrskull, Kusaji

Ship Design

Earthmrskull, Kusaji

Environment Design


Logo Design





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Idea is great, but control feels kind of clumsy, ship is slow, same story about "bullets". 

Thank you for giving the game a try, and for your feedback.

Would you mind elaborating on "Clumsy"?

I initially had people play test the game and I got feedback that the ship speed was to slow and that there was no visual feedback if a projectile hit a target. I went through and made changes based on feedback and those complaints were resolved.

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Oh but da funky music Tho